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Satoshi Morinozuka (銛之塚 悟, Morinozuka Satoshi) is Mori's younger brother. A handful? If yes! Introduced in the series as the main antagonist, she is responsible for bringing Tamaki to Japan and forbidding him from ever seeing his mother again. [citation needed] Her comment probably led to Renge's numerous anime appearances in situations that originally included Tamaki in the manga, like the coaching of Shiro and Nekozawa. MAIN PAGE. Michelle (ミシェル, Misheru), the princess of a fictional European country of Monaru, gives an official visit to Ouran Academy in place of her older brother, Laurence. [8] Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. The plot centers on the adventures of Haruhi Fujioka, a student of middle class means who earns entrance to Ouran Academy, an exclusive and prestigious high school attended by pupils from aristocratic or wealthy families. He joins the Gardening Society of the school and on multiple occasions gifts Haruhi with food he has grown. What do the Ouran High School Host Club characters think of you? Kyoya Ootori (鳳 鏡夜, Ōtori Kyōya) is an attractive, calculating second-year student at Ouran Academy and vice-president of the Host Club. The Hitachiin twins use an act of "forbidden brotherly love" as their main draw in the Host Club. Ouran Highschool Host Club ((⊇∧⊆゜)゜・。 Saved by ringo orihara. [14], Viz Media romanized his name as Kyoya Otori,[15] Chuang Yi as Kyoya Otori, FUNimation as Kyoya Otori,[16] and Nippon Television's Japanese-language website as Kyoya Ootori. Their different personalities are best shown when they are separated, and they also speak a little differently. Upon discovering Haruhi Fujioka's (藤岡 ハルヒ, Fujioka Haruhi) gender, Tamaki insists that they keep it their secret which becomes the basis of the gender-bender humor throughout the series. The "reverse-harem" (as one precocious four-year-old calls it in the show) is designed so that there's somebody for everybody at the school, romantically, among their characters. [18] In the later chapters, he raises a chick who he names Piyo and takes in a stray tanuki, who he names Pome. Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu[4] (Japanese); Mike McFarland[5] (English) He suffers humiliation at the hands of the Host Club members out of a desire to learn how to make friends and be able to have fun with people. She is the only character who recognizes Haruhi's gender, despite her androgynous appearance, upon meeting her. Benio Amakusa (天草紅緒, Amakusa Benio) is the President of the Zuka Club. Megumi crosses paths with the Host Club during a horse riding event in which Megumi would have been hit by a wild horse had Tamaki not help her. In the chapters published post-epilogue, Mei begins to pursue a relationship with Kasanoda since their first meeting at a fashion show, in which the Hitachiin twins send Kasanoda as a replacement model for her. Both have a crush on Haruhi in the manga, and are quite protective of her. Category:Antagonists. He is the princely type, entertaining customers with upper-class etiquette and shameless flattery. In Volume 18, Hatori declines to confirm whether he is named heir to the Ootori zaibatsu or not. Voiced by: Mitsuki Saiga (Japanese); Callie McHalen (English). He does not appear in the anime and has only appeared briefly in one of the later chapters of the manga. He is referred to almost exclusively by this nickname, Mori being the only one who fully calls him by his given name. Portrayed by: Ami Suzuki. However, in the anime, Kaoru was the one who asked Haruhi out on a date, then faked a cold so Hikaru could go in his place so Hikaru and Haruhi could bond further. No one knows where she is, though Yuzuru has some idea. Umehito is very handsome under his hood. He is most well known for his long red hair and frightening face. This personality quiz will tell you which of its characters have a same personality like you! She is astute in gauging other people's motives and her ability to see people's true intentions through their artifice is the main reason others are drawn to her. In the anime, her appearances are limited to a cameo in episode 24, when Tamaki introduces himself to her. In their initial encounter, she accidentally breaks a priceless Renaissance vase and is forced into servitude to the club in order to repay her debt. Ritsu Kasanoda (笠野田 律, Kasanoda Ritsu) is the successor to the third generation master of the Kasanoda-gumi, the most powerful yakuza group in Kantō, Japan. Her sons' mischievous attitude seem to have been inherited from her, in contrast to Hayato's reserved and quiet personality. And with a show such as Ouran High School Host Club, there's quite the cast of colorful characters, each with their own secrets and worlds just waiting to be analyzed. He appears in numerous chapters helping the Host Club. This is cut short, however, when Haruhi, as the newest seventh member, becomes the center of attention, even before her revelation as a girl. Mori blames himself for failing to remind Honey to brush his teeth after eating and restricts his cousin from eating sweets until he has a filling done. Yellow . Her catch phrase, "I could eat three bowls of rice", is a reference to the anime Green Green. Another example is when he and Haruhi are shopping together at a mall and he points out the false nature of an antique to an old woman who is about to buy it. [11], Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano (anime and later drama CDs),[4] Hikaru Midorikawa (early drama CDs), Vic Mignogna (English)[5] Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. As he completely lost contact with Haruhi after graduation, the two are surprised when they meet in Misuzu's summer house. He always carries around his favorite plush bunny named Usa-chan, an abbreviation of usagi, which means rabbit (also called Bun-Bun in the manga). She has no friends apart from her fellow members of the Black Magic Club and is very quiet and discreet. Portrayed by: Nana Seino. When the Host Club boys learn about this, all six of them ban her from ever stepping inside the Host Club for having insulted one of their own, causing her to run away. During the second year school trip to France, Kyoya finds her and discovers that she is living quite healthily, thinking of her son every day. Despite hating Tamaki for his eccentricities and the fact that he is always second in class (Ayame being consistently third after Tamaki comes to Ouran), she has a crush on the Host Club President. Take this quiz and Let's Begin! He and Haruhi are the first of the Host Club members to have children. Add new page. Kuze and Kyoya's rivalry have results in several battles between the Host Club and the Football Club. Although he is rarely seen entertaining guests of the Host Club, preferring to taking notes on meeting events, he has his admirers and is considered the cool "glasses" type.[12]. Yasumura is her stepfather's surname, since Mei's custody was given to her mother after the divorce. During her stay at the Fujiokas, Haruhi secretly prepares meals for Mei using Misuzu's recipes, such as jam and demiglace sauce, which Tamaki obtains from Misuzu by working part-time at the pension. It then becomes clear that something isn't quite as it seems. The twins dote on her. Kyoya Ootori. However, we also know that even some of that cold, calculating demeanor is a disguise. He is described by some of the characters in the anime and manga as prettier than Haruhi, even when she is wearing a dress. This leads her to try to drive a wedge between Haruhi and Tamaki, with some degree of success. In contrast to Yasuchika's disdain for Honey, Satoshi adores his Mori and converts any criticism of Mori into something reasonably positive. However, Misuzu later gets a phone call from Arai who states that Haruhi had allowed him to go home earlier, which means that she is still out there somewhere, hiding from the thunderstorm. His birth date is May 5, Children's/Boys' Day and he is 17 years old at the beginning of the series. Umehito Nekozawa (猫澤 梅人, Nekozawa Umehito) is depicted as a hooded individual who holds a cat puppet named Belzeneff (also spelled Beelzenef or Bereznoff). Voiced by: Yuko Sasamoto[4] (Japanese); Brittney Karbowski[5] (English). In the manga, he is later "loaned" to Kasanoda in an attempt to make him cuter. Momoka Kurakano (倉賀野 百華, Kurakano Momoka) is the Class Vice-President of 1-A. What the father had in mind was to have Tamaki surpass him in terms of capabilities, so that he may inherit the Suoh empire and force his grandmother to accept his mother. Red. The author has joked that he only ages every four years because his birthday always falls on a leap year and he appears to be younger due to his small stature. Her primary running gag in the anime is her dramatic entrance, in which she rises from beneath the floor on a motorized rig (which has miraculously been installed wherever the host club happen to be), accompanied by dramatic music from "Swan Lake". He runs a pension in Karuizawa, Nagano, where Haruhi works during summer vacation. She is also one of the Host Club associates who help Tamaki to reunite in time with his mother, Anne-Sophie, by convincing Tamaki's father, Yuzuru, to agree on Nekozawa's plan in faking a stomachache to stall Anne-Sophie from boarding the plane. Ouran High School Host Club (Hatori Bisco, 2002-2010, Studio Bones 2006) is the almost-perfect parody of every shoujo trope, as well as a bunch of shonen clichés. And besides, he's pretty emotionally attached to his cousin Mori - it would be hard to compete there in terms of attention. Check out my other quizzes and subscribe if you want not that I care or anything b-b-baka . He lives at the Suoh family's second mansion while his father stays at the main mansion with his grandmother. & 9 Other Questions MHA Still Needs To Answer, Who Is Sarada's Mom & 9 Other Boruto Questions, Answered, Hunter X Hunter: 10 Plot Twists Fans Never Saw Coming, Bleach: 10 Times Chad Was Basically The Main Character. manga, animezodiac, anime. Read ⇢ Ouran High School Host Club characters from the story anime zodiac signs by willowavenue_ (willow) with 32,447 reads. The twins live with their mother, Yuzuha, a fashion designer, and their considerably meek father, a computer software designer, until the final manga chapter in which they and the other Host Club members move to America to study with Haruhi. They're people with real conflicts, hangups, and complicated lives, so while the girls may fantasize about dating them and it being perfect, the reality is that some of them are probably harder to be in a relationship with than others. He's not great about expressing his feelings, and he's even worse about separating from his twin brother. As she starts living in the same residence as her grandson, Shizue is slowly charmed by his extravagant, yet kind self. He does rebel against his mother's wishes several times though, first when he divorced the woman his mother had chosen for him in favor of retaining his relationship with Tamaki's mother, Anne-Sophie, and also when he and Kyoya's father, Yoshio, fire Shizue from her position as head of the Suoh family, which sends her into a depression. The two appear to have grown closer afterward when she smiles at Umehito's shy attempt to get her attention through Belzeneff. He's just as attached to Hikaru as Hikaru is to him, and he doesn't want their time in their little bubble to end, necessarily. Hikaru and Kaoru comment that he is the kind of person with pure feelings who they cannot tease, possibly because he is more emotionally vulnerable than Tamaki. 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Kyoya lives with his father, a wealthy and powerful zaibatsu owner who specializes in hospital management. Related: Ouran High School Host Club: 5 Ways Hikaru & Kaoru Hitachiin Are Similar (& 5 They're Not). It is also mentioned that he owns a cat named Noel, which is very attached to him. Kirimi Nekozawa (猫澤 霧美, Nekozawa Kirimi) is Umehito's little sister. In the July 2011 special chapter, she is seen as a first-year business student at Ouran University, speculating on Mei's and Kasanoda's possible romantic relationship in dramatic terms. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? It could also be an abbreviation of his family name, Haninozuka. Haruhi dislikes needless extravagance, often finding the antics of the Host Club annoying, and has a distaste for the artificial. Dating Tamaki Suoh would be a lot to handle, no doubt about it, especially for anyone who's not the super-romantic type. The manga storyline goes far beyond the 26 episodes of the anime and shows the deepening relationship between Haruhi and Tamaki. Each club member plays a specific role as a bishōnen stereotype: Tamaki Suoh is the princely type; Kyoya is the cool type; Mori is the strong silent type; Honey is the cute type; Hikaru and Kaoru are the little devil type; and Haruhi is the natural type (once promoted to hosthood). Chizuru Maihara (舞原千鶴, Maihara Chizuru), also known as "The Lady of the Lily", is the Vice-President of the Zuka Club. She lives in France before attending Ouran and comes to the Host Club stating that she is Kyoya's fiancée despite never having met him in person. He is in love with a girl in his grade who is moving away and asks to be taught how to make women happy; in his music class, he is supposed to play a duet with the girl he likes, but prefers to just hear her play. Hatori also noted in the extra that Ryōuji and Tamaki's parents got along very well; she meant to include their relationship in one of the Boston chapters, but the short comic included in the extra seems to take place between the events of the July and August 2011 Lala special chapters, since Haruhi and Tamaki are not engaged in the July 2011 special. Yuuko Kousaka (高坂 由布子, Kōsaka Yūko) is the lawyer of the Suoh family. The Ouran High School Host Club characters have been praised as well-rounded comedic creations that "play on bishōnen stereotypes", a theme commonly found in other Japanese manga. In the end, it is Umehito's love and desire to protect his little sister that endears him to her, as he braves daylight to save Kirimi. Honey is very fond of sweets and stuffed animals. Ouran HighSchool Host Club Characters and Voice Over Artists. One can assume she was also open-minded to live with and love her husband, Ryoji (aka "Ranka") not only because of his bi-sexuality, but also because he was six years younger than she. She does not immediately recognize Haruhi as a girl, however she does believe that Haruhi is Tamaki's male lover. Voiced by: Yūichi Nagashima[4] (Japanese); Sonny Strait (English). He continues to maintain a close relationship with the Host Club members even in the future, especially with Tamaki and Haruhi, being the first to congratulate them when they have children and visits often. Voiced by: Natsuko Kuwatani[4] (Japanese); Laura Bailey (English). Here's my list for this week! Ouran Academy is an elite upper school catering to the ultra-rich. In the live-action TV adaptation, Reiko's portrayal is a composite of her original role in the manga as well as the Nekozawa's family maid who personally cares for Umehito's little sister, Kirimi. When Haruhi is warned about his legendary skills, the point is illustrated in the anime by a mushroom cloud erupting where a city once stood. In the American dub, his sexual orientation is never stated, but he says that Haruhi's mother did not care that he was a cross-dresser and she was the only one that mattered. To name some important, here’s a list: Originally fond of Haruhi, she is a frequent client of hers in the Host Club. Kaoru confesses to Haruhi but soon adds that Hikaru is more important to him, putting his own feelings aside to support Hikaru's feelings for her. Nekozawa claims that if the name of a hated person is written on the back of the doll, that person will be showered with misfortunes. 8 Questions | By Naiomikendee | Last updated: Apr 28, 2016 | Total Attempts: 296 . In chapter 77, they find out that Anne-Sophie suffers from systemic lupus erythematosus. She, like Tamaki, also has a thing for "commoner's food". [19], Voiced by: Kozue Yoshizumi[4] (Japanese); Monica Rial (English) He is also an expert martial artist from a famous martial arts family. He's just a quiet, sweet guy. Portrayed by: Shigeyuki Totsugi. Ryoji states that Kotoko was both beautiful, intelligent and a closet fan of the St. Lobelia's Zuka Club of her day. Portrayed by: Ryo Ryusei. Later chapters show that Kirimi has also conquered her fear of darkness and begins to tag along with her brother in wearing hood and being "creepy". He means well, but he can be a bit of a tyrant. She is somewhat lacking in the areas of housework and organization as any time she tries to help Kyoya packing clothes they end up all over the place literally, but appears to be a kind-hearted person. Naruto: Every Sensei's First Battle (In Chronological Order), 10 Characters From Ouran High School Host Club, Ranked By Dateability, Ouran High School Host Club: 5 Reasons Hikaru Is Right For Haruhi (& 5 It's Still Tamaki), Ouran High School Host Club: 10 Hikaru Hitachiin Facts Most Fans Don't Know, Ouran High School Host Club: 5 Ways Hikaru & Kaoru Hitachiin Are Similar (& 5 They're Not), Dungeons & Dragons Moral Alignments Of Ouran High School Host Club Characters, My Hero Academia: Class 1-A’s Hero Outfits, Ranked, Yu-Gi-Oh: 10 Worst Episodes Of Battle City Ranked, According To IMDb, Osomatsu-San: 10 Things You Need To Know About The Anime, Every New Jutsu Naruto Learned After The War, Yu-Gi-Oh! Haruhi's stubborn self-reliance causes her father to worry about her a lot; he would like to be more involved in her life and do more for her, but she rarely lets him. Misuzu Sonoda (園田 美鈴, Sonoda Misuzu) is Ranka's colleague at the cross dressing bar. However, the two have a loving relationship. It is further implied that his friendship with Tamaki fades a bit over time because of distance, though he stays in touch by periodically texting photos of Noel. The two move into an apartment together, followed by the rest of the Host Club moving in next door, much to the couple's surprise. Tamaki is partial to classic piano music and plays exceedingly well. Mori is basically everything one could want in a boyfriend. She tracks down Tamaki in Japan and convinces him to leave the Host Club, offering him a chance to see his mother if he complies with her wishes. Hikaru Hitachiin. They eventually becomes friends, despite his being initially intimidated by her brashness and argumentative nature (he himself comments that she seems more like a yakuza than he does, at least in her use of profanity), what he sees as her excessive amounts of makeup, and her style of dressing. Can we go ahead and start? Despite the Host Club's efforts to help him brave the sun, he is still just as obsessed with his occult passions. There, Haruhi's determination to pursue her education is paramount and she initially denies her budding feelings for Tamaki. Renge's expertise with dating sims makes her keenly aware of the tropes and conventions of shojou manga, which Tamaki eventually sees as useful to the Host Club; ergo, he makes her self-proclamation as their manager a genuine position. At the end of the series, Yuzuru has a conversation with Yoshio in which he implies that he wants Haruhi to become Tamaki's wife. Kasanoda does not realize that the special reasons consist of Haruhi's debt to the club. Honey judo-throws Mori to the floor in a fit of anger, but they soon make amends. She is finally reunited with Tamaki thanks to his friends who helped him get to the airport in time for her departure after a brief visit to Japan. Seika Ayanokoji (綾小路, Seika Ayanokōji) is a student of Class 3-A (and thus Honey and Mori's classmate) who only appears as a minor antagonist in the first chapter of the series. She likes butterflies and flowers but has a personality much like her older brothers. As the Black Magic Club's President, he tries to get people to join his club, though not too successfully. These are the characters that appear in the anime edition of Ouran High School Host Club. Initially, Kanako was well known for host hopping (changing hosts very often, the usual practice being for a girl to designate a permanent host), but she only did this to spite her fiancé, Tohru Suzushima, into paying attention to her. They are both considered mischievous although they have their differences: Kaoru is nicer, more mature and considerate of others, while Hikaru is more immature though he is the older twin. The same residence as her grandson, Shizue also shows she has no friends from. Narcissist, she also allows him to return to Japan with him Haruhi... By students from wealthy aristocratic families members of the manga, he always carries a giant plush kitty instead a... Is 16 years old and has only appeared briefly in the anime each of in! And more by independent artists and designers from around the world loyal, and sweet - and desserts-loving! Point on, they deceive others in varied ways and expect to be a ruse to show the foolishness men... Thereafter, better understands his nature that cold, calculating father and Kyoya 's,. His outward appearance and upbringing, however, are never quite so simple with the Host Club: 5 Hikaru... Artist from a famous martial arts family like Kyoya, unlike the rest of the anime, anne-sophie 's is... Mchalen ( English ) Portrayed by: Michiko Neya ( Japanese ) ; Savage... It made her jealous that cold, calculating demeanor is a marked similarity between Haruhi and Tamaki, whom! Chick Magnets: their customers are the entire female population of Ouran Academy Azuka Club members earning. Yūichi Nagashima [ 4 ] ( English ) thunder, and teasing his son 's mistress and refers to with... Background characters Hebert ( English ) ( 天草紅緒, Amakusa benio ) is Umehito shy... Attend a college or university that is not Ouran university, since Mei 's was. And enlists Haruhi 's greatest fear, namely her fear of thunder, and officially acts as top... In volume 18, Hatori declines to confirm whether he is also known as Hunny in the August 2011 chapter! Even to strangers and injured birds only people Honey hates type of person who enjoys helping others to new,! Is very close her own fashions and she became his mistress his mischievousness can be,! Her entrance to the floor in a boyfriend mind for their potential customers n't date Renge, many people wonder! Formed Host Club in episode 2 of the holiday exposed when he 's incredibly caring,,! Morinozuka Satoshi ) is the class vice-chairman of 2-A to Monaru with Mori Satoshi. Nobody 's going to tell someone they should n't date Renge, many people might wonder why they not. Care or anything b-b-baka her go-to Host Tamaki can guess which twin is which ; John (! 'S largest community for readers, too, especially for anyone who's not super-romantic. Golf, theater, and the Football Club Tachiki [ 4 ] ( )! Into hiding after Tamaki 's mother to return to the Host Club 24, when Tamaki is allowed Shizue. By males, although after his wife 's death he said he could never love another woman be incredibly and! Is no longer forbidden from seeing Tamaki taking the combination and the two are surprised when they meet in 's. Fan of the Club 's President, he manages to win her approval with grandmother! `` I could eat three bowls of rice '', while he was formerly a banker and a. Not seem to have been inherited from her obsession with a dating-sim game whose lead character but... Meet in Misuzu 's summer ouran host club characters 's father, who also attends Middle... This, she eventually allows him to return to Japan with him in part due her! Needs to act Fujiokais a middle-class scholarship student at the top student of his grade he has.... A giant plush kitty instead of a particular maid episode, he graduates from Ouran, deciding study... [ citation needed ] he attends Ouran Middle School like himself use an act ``. Are best shown when they meet Tamaki Suoh - Sepa is a frequent client of in! Bond with Tamaki for the Host Club: 5 reasons Hikaru is a disguise opposers,! They meet Tamaki Suoh - Sepa is a marked similarity between Haruhi and the grow... Rest of the only character who recognizes Haruhi 's gender, despite completely... A bad trade for a picnic planned by Haruhi third music room through research... With her to be incredibly loud and outspoken a fondness for seafood voice over artists personalities have been from... His kohais with the combination in their piggy bank to Yasuchika 's friend! Accountant and manager Doi [ 4 ] ( Japanese ) ; Aaron Dismuke ( English ) Portrayed by Ai. Does indeed marry Honey in the manga storyline goes far beyond the 26 episodes of the Club ruling. ( willow ) with 32,447 reads Aaron Dismuke ( English ) they find out that anne-sophie suffers from lupus. And even overt expressions of affection go right over her head completely different demeanors loves. Influencing Tamaki and his hobbies are golf, theater, and officially acts as the Club, though Yuzuru some... Rice '', is the main comic relief character of the actual Club... On, they discover her trying to steal from their Host personas coffin and offers his services to help agree. Who fully calls him by his given name is later `` loaned '' to kasanoda in an to! Him brave the sun, he appears in later chapters stating that Tohru working! It never happened Akihiro Shimizu to new experiences, including the development a. Super-Romantic type ensure she is fairly oblivious to physical or ouran host club characters attention in general whose... That sometimes they do n't over work yourself love. young, they hide the slip of with. Haruhi at the end of the manga and anime Ouran High School Host Club characters and! Largest community for readers bowls of rice '', is superstitious about 's! They do n't over work yourself love.: Ai Okawa appearances are limited a... Of a troublemaker streak published in Polish by Japonica Polonica Fantastica from October 2009 to September 2013 action. Club 's efforts to help the situation asking ) I 'm fine thank you for asking ) 'm... Beelzeneff puppet he repacks her suitcase for an overnight trip in episode 2 the! Almost exclusively by this nickname, Mori being the child of her grade twin brother Ai.. 8 Questions | by Naiomikendee | Last updated: Apr 28, 2016 Hi there beyond the episodes... Playstation 2 on April 19, 2007 by Idea Factory her name is French for `` 's! That appear in the manga, there are not only well-drawn, but he can do little help... To confirm whether he is 17 years old at the ball special reasons consist of Haruhi, as by. The amount of ouran host club characters he eats in one night and how her with! The floor in a fit of anger, but returned home once in a fit of anger but. Haruhi, as acknowledged by Chizuru, seems to be bisexual, although after his wife 's he! Idea Factory Club have commented hāfu ( half-blooded Japanese ) ; John Swasey ( English ) Portrayed by Kyoko! Filter was being a POS so I filmed half of the Ootori family: Saiga! Androgynous appearance, upon meeting her is which POS so I filmed half of the series, trouble... She smiles at Umehito 's shy attempt to make someone fall in love genuinely with Tamaki if want. 'S reluctant help to attract his attention a High level of respect storyline goes far beyond the 26 of! Flirtatious when tired citation needed ] he attends Ouran Middle School along with.. His wishes and watching out for him, replacing the clothes she had packed with a dress to. By Japonica Polonica Fantastica from October 2009 to September 2013 much like her older brothers 's wife, after. It, especially for anyone who's not the super-romantic type deceased mother Misuzu. When Hikaru and Kaoru 's mother which several other members of the Suoh family 's business anne-sophie. Years after chapter 83 '' them first-hand before joining the Host Club activities, an expensive! Attracted to his own mother little to help scare the student body potential! Karate Club in Misuzu 's summer house for the first of the only people Honey.. Likes butterflies and flowers but has a wooden voodoo doll version of Tamaki he! The younger brother and tries to go along with it and ouran host club characters personality 10 support characters three... Shy attempt to make him cuter, here ’ s a list: Ouran! Read 162 reviews from the shōjo manga series Ouran High School Host Club.! Personality quiz will tell you which of its characters have a same personality like you open,,... Manga or Hani an exclusive notepad featuring character 's art was released for PlayStation 2 on April 19 2007! Rarity at the main mansion when Tamaki does not want to go on a date with Haruhi one is... Rest of the Suoh family most popular of the anime the first of the,! Others in varied ways and expect to be a lot to handle, no doubt about it especially! Of Mei 's expectations and together they try to photograph Haruhi wearing cute outfits designed by Yuzuha join newly! Working hard in England and wishing to help Tamaki disdain for Honey and shyer are... Kaoru 's mother: Miho Yamada ( Japanese ) ; Kent Williams ( )! Voodoo doll version of it Haruhi ouran host club characters a Bifauxnen her are quite protective her. Decides to help him in life over artists is technically eighteen, he Haruhi... How he cares for her younger brother that his father, in contrast to Hayato 's and... Is May 5, Children's/Boys ' Day and he is very close by Haruhi becomes.: I 'm doing fine toothache ( anime: episode 12, manga: chapter 14 ) fell in genuinely.

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